• Explore our diverse range of extension services designed to enhance your property. From rear house extensions that transform gardens into living spaces to innovative sunrooms, we offer solutions tailored to your needs and property style.

Rear and Single-Storey Extensions

  • Our Rear House Extensions, popular for their versatility, expand your living space into the garden. Single-storey extensions are a favourite in older properties, perfect for larger kitchens or creating open-plan living areas with a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

Two-Storey and Side Extensions

  • Two-storey extensions add significant space across multiple levels, ideal for additional bedrooms or bathrooms. Side Extensions, utilizing property alleyways, are excellent for widening kitchens in Victorian and Georgian homes without encroaching on garden areas.

L-Shaped and Wrap-Around Extensions

  • L-shaped or Wrap-Around Extensions combine rear and side extensions. These are especially suited for detached and period properties, offering a substantial increase in both the length and width of your home.

Over-structure and Sunroom Extensions

  • Over-structure extensions leverage existing structures like garages to add new rooms. Sunroom Extensions, with full roofing and connection to central heating, provide the benefits of a conservatory, usable throughout the year.

Conservatories and Orangeries

  • Conservatories, our glass garden room extensions, are airy and light-filled, offering an affordable space expansion. Orangeries blend traditional and conservatory elements, providing a versatile space with balanced light and insulation.

Garden Room and Porch Extensions

  • Garden Room Extensions, detached from the main house, serve multiple functions like home offices or studios. Porch Extensions stylishly transform your property’s front, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Customized Extension Solutions

  • At Raw Straw Realty, we understand each property is unique. Our team is dedicated to offering customized solutions, ensuring your chosen extension type – be it a spacious orangery or a practical porch extension – perfectly matches your lifestyle and property aesthetics.

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