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Your home should adapt to your changing needs, whether it’s a growing family or a new home office. We provide functional solutions to enhance your living space effectively and efficiently, ensuring every square foot meets your needs
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All Kind Of Home Extension Needs Covered

Single-Storey Extensions
Expand your ground floor for more living or dining space
Double-Storey Extensions
Add an extra level for bedrooms or a study, doubling your space.
Multi-Storey Extensions
Maximize your home vertically for additional floors of living space.
Kitchen Extensions
Enlarge your kitchen area for more cooking and family gathering room.
Loft Conversions
Transform your attic into a new bedroom, office, or leisure area.
Garage Conversions
Turn your garage into a functional room for work or play.
Deck Conversions
Convert your deck into a sunroom or enclosed space for all-weather enjoyment.
Basement Conversion
Make your basement a liveable space like a den, gym, or extra bedroom.

How It Works

Get your home extension done with four simple steps: we meet, we plan, we quote, we build. Quick and clear, from start to finish.


We visit your home, assess your space, and discuss your needs.


Our team drafts a design tailored to your home's specifications.


You'll receive a clear, itemized estimate of the project's cost.


We start construction swiftly, ensuring a smooth process to the finished extension.

Why choose us

Our team is dedicated to providing an all-inclusive service from design to construction, ensuring that your house extension is completed with precision and care. You’ll experience a seamless journey to more space with no hidden costs and a quick project commencement following our initial visit.

End-to-End Service

We manage every step from the initial design to the final build.

No Cost Site Visit

We come to you to understand your needs without any fee.

Complimentary Estimation

Receive a detailed cost estimate, absolutely free.

Prompt Project Start

Design and build initiation happen swiftly within 5 days post-visit.

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our construction services extend across the UK, ensuring top-notch quality and customer satisfaction.