Milton keynes

Feltham, UK


Rawstraw Realty’s transformation of a 3-bedroom house in Milton Keynes into a spacious 4-bedroom dwelling was a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence. The project included interior refurbishments, a double extension, plumbing, electrical work, plasterboarding, skimming, and painting. Notably, the addition of a garage, a new bedroom, and an expanded kitchen space posed unique challenges that our team adeptly overcame.



  • Efficient Timeline: Completed in an impressive 3 months.
  • Smart Transformation: Converted a 3-bedroom structure into a 4-bedroom layout through a well-executed extension.
  • Client Satisfaction: Delivered ahead of schedule, leaving the client thoroughly impressed.
  • Creative Touch: Applied interior design expertise for an aesthetically pleasing outcome.
  • Collaborative Effort: A dedicated team of 15 workers showcased Rawstraw Realty’s commitment to excellence.

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